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Values And Ethics Paper Ethics - 1753 Words

Values and Ethics Paper Yesenia Gutierrez Arizona State University Introduction The Social Work profession is founded in a set of values and principles with one mission in mind, to enhance the wellbeing of all individuals and empowering those who are vulnerable by providing adequate services and skills. Social Workers are guided in their practice by utilizing resources like the NASW Code of Ethics, CSWE, and HIPAA to ensure that they are in compliance with the Social Work professional standards in making ethical decisions. Educational training is given to all professionals within the field to enhance their knowledge on ethics- related management, handling complex situations, ethical misconduct and ethical standards.†¦show more content†¦Unethical conduct may also be reflected through assessing the practice of Social workers through the Code of Ethics. Social Worker use this tools to implement moral principles through their practice to ensure standards are effectively used for guidance to meet all individuals needs and well-being. The CSWE Educational Policy and Standards The Council on Social Work Education was founded in 1952, it represents Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards for all Social Work education in the United States (â€Å"CSWE†, 2017). This program provides Social Worker with leadership professional development through quality education. The Council on Social Work Education enhances programs through the United States through National accreditation focusing on faculty development, international collaboration, and advocating for Social Work education and research (â€Å"CSWE†, 2017). Their mission is to enhance programs through education for professional practice for individuals, family and community well being, social, economic and justice (â€Å"CSWE†, 2017). Such programs are established to ensure the proper education and guidance needed by Social Workers to practice and advocate for those in need. Social Workers must obtain a Baccalaureate and Master’s social work degree to prepare them to become effective responders to meet the needs of others in the community. HIPPA Health Insurance Portability andShow MoreRelatedProfessional Values and Ethics Paper1122 Words   |  5 Pages-1 Professional Values and Ethics Paper Rhonda Beron, Andrea De Los Santos, Emilie Goodman, and LaToya Sims GEN/200 August 16, 2010 Andrea Lara Abstract The purpose of this paper is to discuss the relationship among professional values, ethics, and career success. A person’s personal values and ethics can influence their professional values and ethics in the workplace. Finding the right balance between personal and professional views in the workplace will help foster a successful careerRead MoreProfessional Values and Ethics Paper1052 Words   |  5 PagesProfessional Values and Ethics Paper Learning Team A Gen/200 February 22, 2010 Ramona White Professional Values and Ethics Paper Read MoreCultural Values and Personal Ethics Paper1151 Words   |  5 PagesRunning head: CULTURAL VALUES AND PERSONAL ETHICS PAPER Cultural Values and Personal Ethics Paper University of Phoenix Cultural Values and Personal Ethics Paper [The introduction goes here. It should be one or two paragraphs explaining the findings of your paper. The introduction should prepare the reader for the contents of the paper by previewing the three main topics in your paper. Be sure to end with a transition word or sentence to lead into Section 1 of your paper. Triple click anywhereRead MoreCultural Values and Personal Ethics Paper1583 Words   |  7 PagesCULTURAL VALUES AND PERSONAL ETHICS PAPER Cultural Values and Personal Ethics Paper MBA/500 Foundations of Problem-Based Learning R. Garth Ferrell April 23, 2006 University of Phoenix Cultural Values and Personal Ethics Paper Every day people make decisions that may have profound effect on their personal and/or professional lives as well as the lives of others. The decision people make have a foundation on their personal, cultural, and perhaps organizational values. When these values areRead MoreCultural Values and Personal Ethics Paper1129 Words   |  5 PagesCultural Values and Personal Ethics Paper All people have personal values and ethics, just as they have cultural values. Often times, those personal values and ethics may clash with those of their employer. As an example, as an individual, a persons ethical guidelines might require honesty, integrity and respect. If that individual works for a company that does not necessarily operate under those same tenets, the employee may well face an ethical dilemma. This paper looks into how personal valuesRead More Cultural Values and Personal Ethics Paper1361 Words   |  6 PagesCultural Values and Personal Ethics Paper Personal, organizational, and cultural values are the basis of an individuals personal and professional decision-making style. These values are the key ingredients that make up our core beliefs. Values are ideas that are actions which could be right or wrong, good or bad that are the basis of human action (Tosi 2000). Personal values might also be called morality, since they reflect general expectations of any person in any society, acting in any capacityRead MoreThis Week Nine Paper Will Discuss The Values And Ethics1478 Words   |  6 PagesThis week nine paper will discuss the values and ethics in the practicum agency and answer questions related to ethics. In addition, this paper will discuss ethical issues or dilemmas at the agency and how social workers address these issues. Furthermore, questions will be answered about how the NASW Code of Ethics influences decisions at the agency, how ethics violations are handled about staff and what ethical principles that I feel strongly about. 9.4 Values and Ethics in Your PracticumRead More History of the Origins of Environmental Ethics Essay1045 Words   |  5 PagesHistory of the Origins of Environmental Ethics The inspiration for environmental ethics was the first Earth Day in 1970 when environmentalists started urging philosophers who were involved with environmental groups to do something about environmental ethics. An intellectual climate had developed in the last few years of the 1960s in large part because of the publication of two papers in Science: Lynn Whites The Historical Roots of our Ecologic Crisis (March 1967) and Garett Hardins The TragedyRead MoreLiberty Coun 501 Ethics Comparison1591 Words   |  7 PagesEthics Codes Comparison Paper H Michele Wallach Liberty University Online Abstract These publications regarding ethics, American Counseling Association: Code of Ethics (2005) and the American Association of Christian Counseling: Code of Ethics (2004), are available as a reference for use. The purpose of this paper is to compare general and specific elements of the two publications. There are two areas of general exploration: 1) relation to their format for retrieval of specific data, 2) theirRead MoreEthical System Table Essay867 Words   |  4 PagesPersonal Values Development Paper Yolanda Buchanan January 11, 2011 PHL/323 Edward Peet Personal Values Development Paper Ethics will always play a big part in our everyday lives. We deal with ethics issues everyday with our family, friends, and the workplace. As being employees for an organization, we should always be concerned about their ethical values. Organizations should always cares about their ethics. As people we depend on our employer to keep their employees and customers

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Gun Control Against Or For Essay - 1635 Words

Floyd Hopsin Gun Control Against or For? 9/21/2015 In the United States gun control has become very important, every time you watch the news or read the newspaper you hear about gun related violence in the U.S. It isn’t just war, suicide, and gang related incidents, it is kids killing kids. On February 29, 2000 there was six year old boy who accidently killed a classmate, who was also six years old. Prior that day the two children was witnessed to have been a in a fight and the boy brought the gun to simply frighten or scare her. That one shot at Buell Elementary School, in Michigan echoed around the country to the immense problem that we have with gun control. It isn’t just adults killing adults, its kids killing kids. Gun laws are the cause of much violent crime in America, and the best way to resolve the problem is to change the laws so that owning an illegal firearm carries a very stiff prison sentence for first time offenders. By creating a more aggressive approach on gun control would lower the number of weapons throughout the U.S. especially in urban areas. Creating a system with a stricter handgun control laws and licensing are necessary to save lives. When it comes to gun control in the U.S. controversy was started a long time ago when colonists first came to North America. Because of the heavy losses is what first established the idea of having gun control. This is where the second amendment came into play where it allowed people the guaranteed the rightShow MoreRelatedGun Control: For or Against?1495 Words   |  6 Pages The debate over gun control in the U.S today is not merely as welcomed today as it was in the early 1700’s because of controversy, misunderstanding of the law, and the danger guns cause. In 1791 James Madison had written the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights makes up the first 10 amendments in the Constitution. Madison had to create this Bill of Rights in order to win over the state of New York in order to rewrite the Constitution himself. The right to keep and bear arms is the second amendmentRead MoreThe Arguments Against Gun Control Essay1207 Words   |  5 Pagesthe arguments against and for gun control? Gun control is a controversial topic in the United States. Therefore, the arguments against gun control are whether or not there is gun control law, and people still can find firearms from some illegal place. Second, the 2nd Amendment’s allows people have the rights to own guns for self-defense. Third, my friend gives me detailed explanation about why he likes to own a gun. On the other hand, I also research some arguments for gun control. People who voteRead MoreThe Argument Against Gun Control Essay1141 Words   |  5 Pagesthis paper, I consider the topic of gun control. First, I present Dixon’s argument in support of gun control, which is that all personal guns should be banned. Second, I introduce Huemer’s argument against the regulation of guns, which is that banning personal firearms is not justified. Third, I critique Huemer’s argument against gun control on the grounds of three claims. First, the right to own a gun is nullified by its n egative repercussions. Second, gun control does not violate an individual’s rightRead MoreArgument Against Gun Control1340 Words   |  6 Pages Final Paper: Argument Against Gun Control The argument on firearm regulation has been a heated discussion for many years. On one side of the debate, we have people in favor placing restrictions on guns, while, on the opposite end of the spectrum, we have people fighting the regulation of guns. People in favor gun restrictions believe gun control can reduce crime ,while, the people against gun control believe having the right to bearRead MoreAn Argument Against Gun Control Essay912 Words   |  4 Pageslaw to outlaw all guns would be more effective at disarming law-abiding citizens than at disarming the criminals who abuse them. If guns were outlawed, the criminals would not stop carrying guns, but the good, law-abiding citizens would. It would do nothing about the illegally obtained handguns in the possession of criminals. In The NRA is Right, Josh Sugarmann states that â€Å"One tenet of the National Rifle Association’s faith has always been that handgun controls do little to stopRead MoreEssay on An Argument Against Gun Control773 Words   |  4 PagesArgument Against Gun Control An Argument Against Gun Control As long ago as 1789, the creators of the Constitution realized the importance of guns in American society. The Second Amendment states,A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. No loopholes, or legal caches exist in this statement. The Founding Fathers allow for no restriction of the private ownership of firearmsRead MoreAgainst Gun Control Of The United States1145 Words   |  5 PagesEnglish II November 1, 2015 Against Gun Control Crime and guns, the two always seem to be acting together, however, these two elements are absolutely nothing alike. Do guns commit the horrific crimes? Do the laws placed on gun control keep the citizens of the United States safe? These are the questions many citizens and lawmakers are asking themselves when they try to launch laws on gun control. Although many people are for gun control, they do not realize that gun control violate the United StatesRead MoreArguments For And Against Increased Gun Control994 Words   |  4 PagesThis paper analyses data from several sources to create a more complete understanding of the arguments for and against increased gun control in the US. While this paper will not cover all of the factors that should be taken into account it does cover some of the more prominent ones are discussed. The first has to do with the effects weapons may have on people, more specifically called the weapons effect. Second is the effect of intent and the difference bet ween aggression and violence. The thirdRead MoreAmericas Debate Against Gun Control1155 Words   |  5 Pages ï » ¿ The United States and the war on Gun Control The gun control issue has recently created a massive uproar throughout the U.S. due to some major horrific events such as the Virginia Tech shooting in 2007, where 32 people were killed, the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012 where 27 people were killed, mostly children, and the Columbine shooting in 1999 where 13 people were killed, (CNN) as well as many others. To some, it is a crime issueRead MorePersuasive Essay Against Gun Control1934 Words   |  8 Pageswould outlaw guns would be a more of a disadvantage to the law-abiding citizens than it would be to the criminals. If a law like that would be enacted, the criminals would not stop carrying guns but the pleasant citizens of the United States would. Currently, there is three major laws that prohibit specific firearms. The National Firearms Act of 1934 restricts citizens from possessing automatic weapons, hand grenades and other powerful arms. There is another federal law, The Gun Control Act of 1968

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Abortion vs Adoption Comparative Essay - 1090 Words

Ashley Francis 11/18/2011 COM/155 Final Draft What are your thoughts on abortion and adoption? Is one better than the other? Many Americans will say that adoption and abortion are the same, and it does not matter which one is chosen, because at the end of the day, the child is still gone. I disagree. Abortion is senseless when adoption is a much better option for someone in an unwanted pregnancy. Some comparisons of abortions and adoptions exist. Abortions and adoptions are both considered as giving up the child. An abortion is killing the child and adoption is giving the child to another family to take care of until the age of 18 and even after. The medical definition of an abortion happens when†¦show more content†¦Adoption also allows for individuals, whether husband and wife with infertility problems, gay couple, lesbian couples, whatever the situation may be, gives them a chance at being parents. Although abortion seems like the easy way out and adoption may be a very hard decision especially for young or single mothers, it is the best choice for the child, for the parents, and for the adopting parents. Abortion is cruel and outrageous and should not even be illegal. Although the mother and father may have a hard time giving his and her child away to another family, he and she would feel better about their choice to choose adoption. Abortion can leave many mothers and fathers wondering all kinds of questions. Some will wonder â€Å"what did my child look like, did they look like me?† â€Å"I wonder if the baby was a boy or girl.† â€Å"What would my child have done with their life?† â€Å"Would they have been a lawyer, judge, doctor, astronaut, etc?† â€Å"Would we have been able to give the love and support our child needed from us?† â€Å"Would I have been a good mother or father?† Although some of the same questions can be asked when adoption is chosen, but many of these questions can be answered, where with abortion the answer will remain unknown until the end of time. Adoption is a much better choice, when the timing is not right to be having a baby. Measures can be taken to prevent pregnancy in theShow MoreRelatedOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 PagesPHILADELPHIA Temple University Press 1601 North Broad Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19122 Copyright  © 2010 by Temple University All rights reserved Published 2010 Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Essays on twentieth century history / edited by Michael Peter Adas for the American Historical Association. p. cm.—(Critical perspectives on the past) Includes bibliographical references. ISBN 978-1-4399-0269-1 (cloth : alk. paper)—ISBN 978-1-4399-0270-7Read MoreMetz Film Language a Semiotics of the Cinema PDF100902 Words   |  316 Pagesconstitute Chapter 5 was first read, and the Festival of the New Cinema (Pesaro, Italy), which organized the round-table discussion during which the last chapter in this volume was originally presented. The idea of bringing together a number of my essays in a single volume, thus making them more easily available, originated with Mikel Dufrenne, Professor at the University of Paris-Nanterre and editor of the series in which this work was published in French. He has my very warm gratitude. C . M. CannesRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 Pagesbehavior Study of organizational behavior Unit of analysis Output Psychology Individual Social psychology Group Sociology Formal organization theory Organizational technology Organizational change Organizational culture Comparative values Comparative attitudes Cross-cultural analysis Organization system Anthropology Organizational culture Organizational environment Power 14 CHAPTER 1 What Is Organizational Behavior? Psychology Psychology seeks to measure, explain,Read MoreDeveloping Management Skills404131 Words   |  1617 Pages269 United Chemical Company 269 Byron vs. Thomas 271 Active Listening Exercise 272 SKILL APPLICATION 274 Activities for Communicating Supportively Suggested Assignments 274 Application Plan and Evaluation 274 274 SCORING KEYS AND COMPARISON DATA 276 Communicating Supportively 276 Scoring Key 276 Comparison Data 276 Communication Styles 276 Comparison Data 276 SKILL PRACTICE Diagnosing Problems and Fostering Understanding: United Chemical Company and Byron vs. Thomas 278 Observer’s Feedback Form

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Calcium Essay Example For Students

Calcium Essay Calcium Element symbolCA Atomic weight40.08Element number20 Number of protons20Number of electrons20Number of neutrons20Density at68? F Boiling point2,264?FMelting point1,562?FCalcium was discovered by Sir Humphrey Davis in 1808. Calcium is a mineral found in abundance in the Earths outer crust. It is the fifth most abundant mineral in the Earth crust. Calcium is considered a major mineral because it is found in large quantity in the body. Milk also has a high amount of calcium and it is the best way to get calcium. Daily dietary requirements exceed over 100 mg. Calcium forms and maintains teeth, it helps with blood clotting, it helps build cell membranes, helps contract muscles, helps nerve transmissions and if the bones did not get calcium they would not grow properly. Plants also need calcium to grow because without and adequate supply of calcium to enrich the soil they would die. Calcium is never found as a pure element in nature. It is found as calcium hydroxide, calcium oxide (also know as lime(lime stone)), chalk, Iceland spar, coral, pearls, egg shells and calcium carbonate which makes up marble and gypsum. Lime stone and marble are used for buildings and building. Gypsum is found in plaster, when in crystal form it is called alabaster which is used by sculptors to carve, it is also found in cement.

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Writing Prompt 19 Essays - Laughter, Passion, Humor Styles

Writing Prompt #19(SIS#5) Character Count:1,644 Siddarth Luthra Think about a time you listened to something or someone that made you feel like laughing or made you feel something like a deep emotion. I am here because I believe that I have a purpose to contribute something to the world. I believe using my humor and my knowledge and passion about music and technology I can help make the world a better place. I want to help people relieve stress and laugh when they need a break, to feel like being a child again and get away from due dates and crazy hard work because in a highly competitive area people can get very stressed. Additionally, another way I can introduce this is using my passions; technology, and music to help make the world a better place by giving people a better time by letting them relax when they need to. In eighth grade work starts to increase to prepare for high school and people can get stressed. I once had a friend who went into depression handling his work, activities, and extra curriculars. I tried to use humor to help and it worked. I used my humor to make someone feel like they don't have to hurt themselves. I have been playing the trombone, piano, and the drum set for over five years, I have also built 3D printers, participated in technology competitions, and love to build and engineer things ever since I was born. I have a passion for music and technology and I have wanted to combine them for a while. That is when I thought of "DJ-ing", I want to create software's, make music using technology, and build equipment to help people have a great time. I am here to help people have fun and contribute my humor and knowledge of technology and humor to the world.

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Master Management and Change Essay

Master Management and Change Essay Master: Management and Change Essay Creating Sustainable Change: A new paradigm in Project Management Ron Schipper Senior Consultant, Van Aetsveld Project and Change management, Amersfoort, the Netherlands Harry Rorije Principal Consultant, Van Aetsveld Project and Change management, Amersfoort, the Netherlands Gilbert Silvius 1 Professor of Business, ICT and Innovation, University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht, the Netherlands Principal Consultant, Van Aetsveld Project and Change management, Amersfoort, the Netherlands Abstract Projects can be seen as a system to realize change in organizations. This change can involve new work processes, new policies, new resources, new products or services, etc. Sustainable change in these policies, processes, products, etc, requires different behavior of the workers or employees of the organization. It is, however, this aspect of change that most projects seem to oversee. In this paper, we will argue that changing or influencing the behavior of an organization’s employees is a crucial element in realizing change. The contemporary insights in human behavior and behavioral change, however, seem to contradict the more mechanical approach to projects that most project management methodologies prescribe. Controlling behavioral change, if possible, may require a different paradigm to projects and organizational change. Our paper will shed some light on this contradictory topic and will provide practical suggestions for the integration of behavioral change aspec ts in project management. Keywords Project management, Sustainable Change, Management of Change Introduction Projects can be considered as temporary organizations (Turner and Mà ¼ller, 2003) that deliver (any kind of) change to organizations, products, services, policies or assets (Gareis, 2010). Successful change most often requires a change of human behavior and therefore is influenced by the motivation to overcome resistance to change (Kotter, 1996). Gareis (2010), however, concludes that this kind of change is not adequately recognized in project management and that â€Å"specific change methods are to be applied according to the specific change requirements†. This paper provides an overview and practical suggestions for the integration of behavioral change aspects in both portfolio and project management. The question asked is how to realize sustainable behavioral change (when that is intended with the project)? Many publications (e.g. Boonstra, 2004; Cummings and Worley, 1996) show a managerial perspective on change: behavioral change is something that can be plan ned and managed top-down. However, this perspective is increasingly being questioned. People are free individuals who decide for themselves to show certain behavior. All attempts made in the past to force members of the organization to behave differently and the rewarding or punishing act on it has never led to sustainable behavioral change. It led to short-term changes with fall-back (Anderson, 2002; Beer 1990; Homan, 2005). This perspective creates this paper’s main question: which circumstances need to be created by project in order to make sustainable behavioral change occur? In this paper we focus on how the ‘forgotten group’ in organizations, the employees, experience change in projects. In the next paragraph will elaborate on what is meant with this ‘forgotten group’. We will then look at change from the perspective of this group. How do employees experience changes? How do they handle changes? When are they effected by change? When do they ch ange their behavior permanently? By practicing this perspective we will gained interesting insights, for example that managing for shorter lead times for projects actually hinders sustainable behavioral change. The paper will be concluded with some recommendations on how to connect with employees and integrate behavioral change into projects and project portfolios. 1 Corresponding author: Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, Padualaan 101, 3584 CH Utrecht,

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What is the Tao (Way) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

What is the Tao (Way) - Essay Example The Confucian way of Tao and the East and West ways of Tao will be examined in the paper. The definition of Tao is "Tao represents the basic concept of Taoism. In general, this term belongs to the spiritual atmosphere of the ancient China and can be translated "way", "mean", "art", "skill"., 1 To answer the question, what is the Tao way, depends on which tenets of Tao you side with. Tao can be translated differently depending on the perspective of the doctrines of Tao and individuals understand. This means that individuals have different doctrines of Tao and it depends on which of these doctrines an individual understands and how they understand that the question can be answered. Tao can be though of a philosophical school of thought and one of these schools of thought is the one that concerns the thoughts of Confucius. According to Confucius and those that understand Tao with these doctrines Tao "refers , "Tao" refers to the art of ruling the state of the ancient emperors like King Wen and the Duke of Chou," 2 1 Mitchell, Stephen. "Tao Te Ching" (1998) New York. 1st Perenn similar concepts." 3 In this context, the polisemy of this term resembles the polisemy of the concept "prima materia" of the Greek-Egyptian classique alchemy or of the medieval European alchemy. The way of Tao is the way a person perceives these tenets and uses them in their life. They can be used in all aspects of an individual's life from work ethic to the way they understand the world. The Tao way can be thought of as the way a person understands. The way a person understands Tao depends on their beliefs about Tao. Tao is traditionally an Eastern religion and school of thought; however, it is now practiced in the Western cultures. The answer to the question might differ in the East than the West because the doctrines and interpretation have changed slightly in Western cultures. This is due to the fact that Tao is a part of life in the East for many and they been taught the philosophies and doctrines of Tao since birth. Tao in a sense has been adopted in the Western cultures so so me of the concepts have deviated in the process. Nagarjuna and the Limits of Thought Jay L. Garfield and Graham Priest Nagarjuna seems willing to embrace contradictions while at the same time making use of classic reductio arguments. He asserts that he rejects all philosophical views including his own-that he asserts nothing-and appears to mean it. It is argued here that he, like many philosophers in the West and, indeed, like many of his Buddhist colleagues, discovers and explores true contradictions arising at the limits of thought. For those who share a dialetheist's comfort with the possibility of true contradictions commanding rational assent, for Nagarjuna to endorse such contradictions would not undermine but instead confirm the impression that he is indeed a highly rational thinker. It is argued that the contradictions he discovers are structurally analogous to many discovered by Western philosophers and mathematicians. 3 Graham explains that "Taoism, the practice of the Tao concepts) started as a combination of psychology and philosophy but evolved into a religious faith in 440 CE when it was adopted as a state religion." 4 At that time, Lao-Tse became popularly venerated as a deity. Earlier in this discussion, the Confucius philosophy was explained to be one school of thought that individuals used to understand Tao. This is because they are closely related and the thoughts of Eastern religions have many of the same doctrines. Taoism, along with Buddhism and Confucianism, became one of the three great religions of China around the time of 440 CE. "With the